Organizations or individuals who support Food4Kids Waterloo Region, with a one-time donation from a community fundraising initiative will be recognized with the designation of, “Fundraising Champs.”


“Fundraising Champs” designates ensure the sustainability of the program which makes a significant and ongoing difference in the lives of the children, living with chronic hunger, in our community.


A Pledge Agreement will be created specifically to your contribution and signed by both parties.


“Fundraising Champs” a one-time donation from a community fundraising initiative, will receive the following recognition:


  • Designation as a “Fundraising Champs” donor

  • Prominent placement of their logo on the Food4Kids Waterloo Region Web site: Home page and under Levels of Support, “Fundraising Champs”

  • Development of an annual blog page involving an interview with the designate, concerning their pledge and philanthropic interest in feeding children, living with chronic hunger

  • Social media posts thanking the designate for their annual contribution

  • Acknowledgement of pledge from the Board of Directors

  • Special Award presented at the Annual General Meeting

  • Web Sponsorship Badge

  • Other agreed upon opportunities for acknowledgement


“Fundraising Champs” are champions of Food4Kids Waterloo Region in the objective to reduce hunger in our community.