Building Futures for Children: 2021-22

Hunger doesn’t go away unless drastic change is made in the lives of families who live with chronic hunger. Here, in Waterloo Region, there are thousands of children who live in the cycle of poverty. They have no control over their circumstances. Providing nutritious food is a necessity for these vulnerable children. 

Following are the funding opportunities for organizations and individuals who through philanthropic action, will make a significant difference in the lives of children, living with chronic hunger.


Future Builder Donors are committed to the long-term eradication of chronic hunger in our community. Their commitments are deep and sustained. 

Diamond Future Builder: $50,000 per annum, 3 year formal agreement  

Platinum Future Builder: $50,000 per annum, 1 year commitment

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Champions of Hope Donors are dedicated to the support of children living with chronic hunger in our community. Support for our children is long-term. 

Gold Champions of Hope: $25,000 per annum, 3 year formal agreement

Silver Champions of Hope: $10,000 per annum, 3 year formal agreement 

Cornerstone (1).png

Cornerstone Donors support our children and are recognized for their efforts to feed a minimum of 5 children per year. 

Copper Cornerstone: $5,000 per annum, 3 year formal agreement 

Bronze Cornerstone: $5,000 per annum, 1 year commitment


The cost of supporting ONE CHILD is approximately $1,000. One Child Donors support one or more children. Donations can be made annually or monthly. 

One Child: $1,000 per annum 

One Child Monthly: $85 + donations per month 


Sustained Giving Donors understand the need for long-term commitment to children living with chronic hunger. Monthly donations are important for the ongoing sustainability of support for our most vulnerable children. 

Sustainable Giving Donor: Monthly donations (less than $1,000 per annum) 

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Fundraising Champs hold events or fundraisers on behalf of Food4Kids WR as a philanthropic endeavour to ensure that children living with chronic hunger are supported. There are many types of events you can hold and they can be small or very large, but all supporting the fundraising efforts of Food4Kids Waterloo Region. You must register and get approval by Food4Kids WR but these events are organized and run entirely by others with our promotional support.


Fundraising Champs: 

Examples of some previous Fundraising Champs fundraisers that have been run by individuals and /or companies include the following:

-Fitness/Exercise competitions raising money per number of activities completed

-Christmas Toy / Cash  Drive 

- Restaurants donating a portion of their sales for a set period of time 

        ie. Dairy Queen ice cream cakes; State & Main Kids Meals, etc
- Face Mask Sales / Sewing / Scrunchie Sales fundraisers 

-Virutual Magic Show / Comedy Show /Trivia Night  - all proceeds supported F4KWR

-Food Drive / Loose Change Drive 

-Live Music Concerts / Special Events / Halloween Party 

- Lemonade stands / Cookie Sales 

-Company BBQ / Silent Auctions