Our Mission 


To provide packages of healthy food for children ages 1 – 14 living with chronic hunger in severely food insecure homes, during weekend periods, and daily during Winter, Spring and Summer breaks from school.

Our Values

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The well-being of children is the centre of our focus.  We ensure accessibility and inclusiveness, while advocating for the elimination of food insecurity.

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We engage and share with our community without bias or prejudice. Collaboration allows us to be resourceful, creatively leveraging our partners to improve effectiveness.

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We practice compassionate caring in our concern for others and our respectfulness in word and deed.

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The children we serve, and the greater community we work alongside, can count on us to deliver our program with integrity and accountability.

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The impact we make on outcomes for children today, matter as much as ensured sustainability of our program in the future.

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Every day she stops me in the hallway and asks, "today is food?" When I remind her it is only on Fridays, she counts how many more days she has to wait.
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