Volunteers play an integral role within the Food4Kids Waterloo Region family. They are the fuel for the engine that keeps us running. Each week, 80 - 100 volunteers assist us in a myriad of positions ranging from behind the scenes administrative help, to food bagging, assembly line set up, assembly line bagging and finally delivery taking the food bins to our schools for distribution to the children we serve.

Advance notice is requested for any of these roles so please take a look at Volunteer Opportunities and get in touch to find out more or to sign up.

Children aged 12 and up are suitable for volunteer activities. Volunteer hours can be earned for students.

For Volunteer information contact  Kim Mervyn, Volunteer Coordinator, 519-576-3443, Ext. 5

Every day she stops me in the hallway and asks, "today is food?" When I remind her it is only on Fridays, she counts how many more days she has to wait.
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