May 2022 Join us for our Peanut Butter Challenge! 

 Help us collect 800 jars of delicious, high-protein peanut butter!  These will be included in our summer food bins Drop off at our office.

-Any brand - Crunchy or Smooth

-1 kg jar preferred - all sizes appreciated

-Excellent source of protein for our kids!

-Grab an extra jar when you are grocery shopping.

-Consider starting a drive among family and friends or your social club.

-You can even order online and have it shipped here.

Such a fun and easy way to help and who doesn't love peanut butter?

NUTRITIONAL FACT: There are 4 grams of protein in 1 tablespoon of peanut butter

Peanut Butter Drive  copy 7 (2).jpg

Help us collect much needed food donations! 

Join us!  Participate in a  Food Drive' and help us meet our annual goal of collecting food donations to feed our hungry kids and offset our food budget!

Become a 'Fundraising Champ" by planning your own food drive. This is a simple way to make a positive impact in the lives of hungry children in our community.  Collect valuable food items, feed kids and make a difference. Together, with the kind assistance and generous support of community members like yourself, we can meet our goal. 


Collect and donate food as an individual, with your family, or any other group that you consider "FAMILY."

*Individuals - Kids/Teens Adults     *Families

*Businesses - large or small - working remote or on-site            


*Teams                                                *Churches
*Social groups                                    *Workplace

* Students - earn volunteer hours! 


Our charity relies on outside donations and community support. The vulnerable kids we support need our help year round. February is a cold, hard month so giving them our nutritious food bags gives them additional energy. Every donation - big or small is appreciated.   


  • We will suggest themes and ideas from our 'Most Wanted Food List' to ensure that your fundraiser is meaningful, successful and fun.  IDEAS INCLUDE... 

  • *Collect lots of ONE food item (Soup Challenge!)   
    *Collect multiple items from our "Most Wanted Food List."  *Create a 'Build Challenge' with your food   

  • *Work virtually with others - each collect and combine donations at the end                                   
    *Order from and have items shipped directly to our office!   10 Washburn Drive Unit #4 Kitchener N2R 1S2

    *We are open to your ideas - the possibilities are endless. 

  • Promotion of your food drive on our Instagram & Facebook and website


  • Choose a name, theme & time frame for your food drive.

  • You will be responsible for organizing, promoting and executing the food collection. 

  •  Contact our staff to arrange drop off or pick up once your food drive is over. 


To register your food drive at any time of year, click on the button below OR contact Chris White, our Food Co-ordinator at: 


Cereal and applesauce drive. 

Soup Build Challenge

OatmealDrive .jpg

Oatmeal Challenge 


Flakes of Turkey Challenge